ANC Youth League Press Statement

The ANC Youth League would like to congratulate COSATU on the successful hosting of their May Day rallies held through out the country. The Congress of South African Trade Unions remains the only home and true champion of workers` struggles with an undisputed track record. The May Day celebrations marked very important strides that have been made by COSATU and the ANC led government in the pursuit of better working conditions for workers in our country. We believe the victories scored by the workers in the democratic dispensation should be jealously guarded, and we fully support the current struggles, such as the minimum wage.

Car Accident involving students

The ANC Youth League would like to send its condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones in the tragic car accident involving 9 Wits University students. We are particularly praying for the students of Wits who are also going through this grieving period. The ANC Youth League has sent a delegation to be led by the Deputy Secretary General and the P.E.C of Limpopo to visit the families that have been identified to send our message of condolences. The Youth League calls on all the Students of Wits to be very strong during this period.

Malacious media reports

The ANC Youth League has noted with great dismay the article published in the Sunday Times insinuating that the ANC Youth League is divided. The ANC Youth League remains united and in pursuit of its twin tasks which are to rally the youth behind the banner of the ANC and to champion the interests of young people in the country. The reporting done by the Sunday Times is both mischievous and ill-informed and does not contain any truth at all.

The ANC Youth League would like to categorically state that it does not have any issue with how the president, or any of its members, acquires their private assets or businesses; it becomes each and every member`s personal matter. The ANC Youth League, however, would like to clearly say that the media reports that have been saying the president is earning R 30 000.00 are an intentional blatant lie. The president is working full-time for the ANCYL after his resignation as the MEC where he was entitled to retirement (resignation) benefits. The earnings of the president remain a private matter that should be respected. This raises serious questions about the abuse of media freedom in South Africa; some of the journalists are clearly a disgrace to a noble profession of journalism. They have become lie peddlers in order to have stories whilst disrespecting journalism, which should be based on facts instead of hearsay and rumors.

Transformation in sports

The ANC Youth League will, next week, conduct a picket at the SARU offices in Cape Town. The picket is to show our disgust on the snail`s pace of transformation in South African Rugby. The recent racists comments made by Matthew Theunissen shows the level of belief that some have, that rugby and cricket is still reserved for whites. These sporting codes are being used to promote white supremacy in the country we stand by the Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula in a move to force transformation in sports. These teams should not be treated like holy cows for white supremacy. The department of Sports and Recreation should, in fact, cut or reduce funding for these sporting codes, unless they transform.

The actions taken on the sports front, should serve as a warning to all other sectors that are resisting transformation that we will no longer tolerate their slow pace. This includes employment equity in the workplace and business in general. A spectre of the third revolution is haunting the white dominated economy, transform or perish.


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