Burning of schools


The ANCYL is saddened and disappointed by the destruction of the futures of children of Vhuwani through the burning of the schools. No amount of grievance about the presence can justify the destruction of the future.

The ANCYL is further disappointed by the failure of the security forces to protect the future of black children. The destruction of the future of black children has taken place over a period of several days and nights. More security forces should have been deployed in the area to secure the future of black children, even if it meant deploying the army if the SAPS lack the capacity.

The community of Vuwani have a right to protest to express their displeasure regarding the demarcation of their municipality. They also have a right to approach the Supreme Court to appeal the decisions already taken by the High Court in favour of demarcation. Similarly, as enshrined in the constitution, the children and young people of Vuwani have a right to education. No one, in the exercise of their right, should infringe on the right of others, least of all the right to education whose exercise present a possibility of economic freedom.

Schools are not the property of government or demarcation board. They are the property of the community as whole. The community should be the first to defend the property where their young ones are moulded for the future.

While we appreciate that certain structures involving various stakeholders have been setup to address the grievances of those who aggrieved, we call on government to deploy more security personnel to ensure that the destruction of the future of black children stops. The failure to prevent further destruction of schools would be tantamount to the state being complicit in the destruction of the future of children.

We will direct our structures in the region to participate in the stakeholder structures that have been setup to help resolve the issues of contention in the community


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