ANCYL is not surprised by yet another manifestation of racism

The comments attributed to the High Court Judge Mabel Jansen are just a tip of the iceberg of deep racial prejudice that continues to linger, after 22 years of democracy, among some in society of which the judiciary is not immune.

As the annual Employment Equity reports indicate, white women have been among the greatest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action since its inception. Whilst our revolution is about the resolution of the race, class and gender questions, it is unfortunate that instruments put in place to resolve these questions have been abused to perpetuate white privilege.

As the ANCYL, we acknowledge that there are social ills in our society which are subject to ongoing campaigns coupled with law enforcement. However, presenting the socials ills as a culture and a pastime for the black community does not only plunge the depths of ignorance but also displays deep prejudice that continues to be handed down from one generation to the next; that black people are sub-human and any good from a black person is an exception.

Even more astounding is the institutional entrenchment of racism. The racial comments that have come to the fore were made a year ago and seem to have been reported to the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) then. It is strange how no action seems to have been taken on the matter, until now.

Our revolution, among others, is also about liberating white people from the delusion of racial superiority. It is that delusion that have some people donating obscene amounts of money to a white waitress because Ntokozo Qwabe declined to tip her on the basis of unreturned land. Black waiters and waitresses are harassed and sworn at every day by mainly white patrons, often bordering on xenophobia. Yet white tears warrant fund raising campaigns. That is why we support the demand for the minimum wage which would give all workers in this sector, black and white, a living wage. That is what we should strive for in non-racial society instead of preservation of white privilege.

We demand the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development ensures that immediate action is taken on the matter of disgraced Judge Mabel Jansen. The legal profession and the judiciary should also act swiftly to condemn and distance itself from such behaviour, so that the racists they harbour who have not yet had the misfortune to be caught can redeem themselves whilst there is still time.

We are mindful that despite having persecuted, incarcerated and, in some instances, sentenced freedom fighters to death, the judges never went to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). They will not remain untouchable forever.
If the resistance to transform continues, a time may come where transformation would have to be forced on those who resist it. It has been 22 years since apartheid was defeated. We will not always have the patience to beg racist white people to accept black people as equals.



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