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Greater Johannesburg Region

Media Statement

26 November 2016


The African National Congress Youth League Greater Johannesburg Regional Task Team conveys its most deepest condolences on behalf of the youth across the length and breadth of the city of Johannesburg to the people of Cuba on the passing of El Commandante Fidel Castro, the illustrious revolutionary communist and friend of our people.

We convey our deepest condolences to the people of Cuba, as they mourn the fall of one of the greatest sons of the oppressed people of the world. We say to them let them not only mourn but also celebrate a life well lived. We dip flags as this is a giant, who was never a paper tiger but ensured that western imperialism is met with the greatest resistance, revolutionary vigour and utmost commitment to liberation of the people of the world including our country.

We remember the contributions he has made to the many struggles against colonialism and oppression; we remember the immeasurable victorious and selfless contribution of the Cuban forces in Battle of Cuito Cuanavale, Angola against the heinous apartheid SADF. The Cuban revolutionaries are our immediate brothers and continue to be so in their actions as they continuously contribute to the reconstruction and development of our country through the training of young doctors, engineers and many other fields.

The passing on of this revolutionary giant symbolizes an important chapter for us as we face an onslaught of regime change by agents of western imperialism which has sustained an economic embargo on Cuba. The same forces of imperialism that have been brewing regime change across Latin America facing resistance from Commandant Fidel have launched campaigns in our country; we should have the commitment of resistance to neo-colonialism that was displayed by Commandant Fidel Castro and the people of Cuba. His death must serve to inspire us to expel and ensure that such elements are exposed in our country as has been done in other countries as chief agents of regime change.

As the ANC Youth League we share condolences with our fraternal allies the Young Communist League of Cuba whose motto is Estudio, Trabajo, Fusil and means “Study, Work, Rifle” which is the same as the ANC Youth League motto Fight, Produce, Learn. The motto is important for the preparatory school of cadres to advance the revolution. It means we must produce an advanced selfless, learned, disciplined, vibrant and militant cadreship that will be able to advance with precision and ensure that we achieve economic freedom in our lifetime.

The undefeated Cuban spirit under the leadership of el commandante must be a lesson for us not to be dampened by the conditions in front of us but to be encouraged as fighters to the end committed to total liberation that shall see all power being in the hands of the people from political to economic power. It is this spirit that should ensure that this generation returns the power in municipalities to a stronger living movement of the people, the African National Congress.

This generation inspired by the life of el commandante must ensure that the beneficiaries of the economy of South Africa are the people of South Africa and that the people of South Africa led by the African National Congress run the affairs and agenda of the country; not any imperialist tools or agents. The Youth League must reinject the revolution and ensure that the relationship of the people and their movement is strengthened and sharpened to face the challenges ahead.

In his 90 years on earth, from the time of his youth he has been a beacon of hope and inspiration for the oppressed world and an inspiration that is a standard for all committed revolutionaries. We are proud to have lived and known such a great man; indeed as his famous speech said “History will absolve me”

The ANC Youth League Greater Johannesburg Region will host a memorial service on Wednesday, 30 November 2016 at a venue to be announced later.

Salute to El Commandante Fidel as he joins the gallery of gallant leaders such as OR Tambo, Che Guevara, Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani, Hugo Chavez and many more.

Issued by ANC Youth League Greater Johannesburg Region

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