how to join ancyl


1 Membership of the ANCYL shall be open to all South African Youth between the ages of 14 and 35 who accept its policy guidelines, aims and objectives as referred to above.
2 Applications for membership shall be received and considered by the ANCYL Branch, where such exists, and by the Regional Executive Committee if no Branch Executive Committee exists. The Branch Executive Committee and the Regional Executive Committee have the power to accept or reject an application. In the event of a rejection, the applicant must be informed in writing and shall be made aware of his/her right to appeal to the Provincial Executive Committee within twenty one (21) calendar days. The appeal should be in writing. The Provincial Executive Committee must finalise the appeal within 60 working days.
3 Young people, who qualify for membership in accordance with rules of this section, shall be issued with a membership card on payment of a Joining fee. Members shall be expected to pay Annual Subscription fees. The joining and Annual Subscription fees shall be determined by Congress or the NEC.
4 Members shall join the ANCYL only once, and membership shall lapse when a person turns 35 years, is expelled following disciplinary proceedings, immigrates, resigns from the Youth League in writing to the organisation or passes away. A person’s membership shall also lapse if after an annual membership audit or review, it is found that such a member has not paid her/his annual subscriptions for up to 6 months.
5 All members shall on acceptance into the ranks of the ANCYL solemnly declare their readiness and willingness to serve the organization and shall declare as follows: “I, solemnly declare that I will abide by the aims and objectives of the ANC Youth League as set out in the Constitution, that I am joining the organization voluntarily, without expectation of material gain and I will participate in the life of the organization as a loyal, active and disciplined member.”
6 Dual or multiple membership by individuals shall be welcome provided the policies and programmes of those organisations to which they belong or may wish to belong, are not hostile to those of the ANCYL.
7 Young women, who are members of the ANCYL and over the age of eighteen (18) years, shall be obliged to join and play a full and active part in the general political life of the ANC Women’s League.

Every member of the ANCYL shall have the right to:
1 take part in the formulation and discussion of the ANCYL policy;
2 be elected to any committee, commission or delegation of the youth. For an ANCYL member to qualify to stand for position in the NEC, PEC, REC and Zonal Committee, the member should be an active member of the ANCYL in good standing for at least three years for the NEC and PEC, two years for the REC and one year for the Zonal Committee;
3 submit proposals or statements to the branch and to the region and province on any matter that affects the youth and society in general;
4 engage in constructive criticism and self-criticism, within the constitutional structures of the League;
5 protection against any harassment, victimisation and/or discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sex or creed;
6 actively participate in all ANCYL activities.


All ANCYL members are obliged to:
1 pledge their unswerving loyalty to the ANCYL and place themselves under its overall discipline;
2 carry out decisions, duties and directives with diligence;
3 organise, participate and contribute positively to all ANCYL activities and to contribute to the strengthening of its organic unity;
4 Rally all youth to support and unite behind the ANCYL and actively participate in the creation of a united, non-racial, non-sexist. democratic and prosperous South Africa;
5 protect the ANCYL and its property at all times by exercising maximum vigilance;
6 exercise discipline and exemplary behaviour at all times and maintain harmonious relations with all members of the ANCYL and the community in general;
7 combat all forms of tribalism, regionalism, nepotism, and other forms of discrimination based on race and sex as well as combating factionalism and malicious gossip within our ranks;
8 initiate and participate in activities aimed at promoting international solidarity, peace and social Justice;
9 Every member of the ANC Youth League above the age of 18 shall be obliged to join the ANC.